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Breaking Down the UX Formula

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User experience (UX) is everything, especially in technology these days.

For JAGGAER, your success is our success, and if you aren’t getting the best possible user experience then you probably aren’t getting a ton of value out of our solutions, which is a big problem.

That’s why we are constantly looking for feedback on ways to improve our platform to best suit your needs.

But before we get into all that, let’s look past the buzzwords and see what really makes a good UX.

The UX Formula

Getting the perfect user experience down is much easier said than done.

Why? Because it’s so subjective.

What one person likes, or thinks is intuitive, might be the complete opposite for another.

That’s what makes UX so tricky.

However, broadly speaking, UX is typically boiled down to a few key things:

  • How easy it is to use
  • How useful it is
  • How the user feels when using the product or navigating the website

At JAGGAER we took that a step further. Of course, we want to give a product that is easy to use, provides a purposeful experience, and helps you create value. But how?

So we collected feedback, ran surveys, and got to work on taking all this valuable customer insight from paper to practice.

In doing this, we came up with the JAGGAER UX formula for our new 21.1 release: Usability + Globalization = Customer Success.

Let’s break this down bit by bit.


The usability of our product ties directly with the first two points of a good UX: ease of use and usefulness.

Any product worth its salt must be easy to use and must provide some sort of value.

We know our solutions provide value; saving money, increasing efficiency, and reducing manual errors is our calling card.

So, with that in mind, we made it a mission to improve our interface and make everything sleeker and more intuitive.

For example, last year we completed our early adoption program for the new JAGGAER user interface.

With the data and success from that program we’ll now be rolling out the new interface to all JAGGAER customers currently using the classic interface.

Our business analytics module has gotten a cosmetic lift, and now will come with a quick start, recommendation and example feature that will make it easier to start reporting.

More than that we’ve invested in overall navigation, given our smart assistant an upgrade and added plenty of features and flexibility that will make your life easier and help you speed up time to ROI.


Again, this hits the first two themes but in different ways.

As a global company, we understand the importance of keeping compliance top of mind.

It’s something no one wants to have to think about in the moment, so we’ve done the thinking for you.

We’re rolling out new functionality to accommodate eInvoice declarations in the EU and adding new invoicing image requirements for suppliers.

We’ve also added the option to withhold certain taxes where it may be a requirement for different situations.

Our DocuSign integration has been tweaked for additional security compliance and auditing assistance, and you can now automate IBAN validation for global suppliers.

Customer Success

All of these new features, tools and updates come back to one thing: your success.

That’s what our business is and that’s what a good UX is all about.

This is what rounds out the UX equation because customer success embodies that last point of traditional UX.

The feeling you get when using a product.

We want you to feel like you’re creating value and driving change. We’ll worry about everything behind the scenes.

Your success will always be our number one priority.

We have some big innovations in the works and this new release is just the beginning.

We’re always looking for new feedback and ideas.

And now we’ve launched JAGGAER Engage, a new portal designed for just that!

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