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Aileen Busi - Product Marketing

Introducing JAGGAER Engage

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We are excited to announce a new and improved method for you to submit your feature requests for how we can enhance our solutions. Our customers’ success is our core focus and in keeping with our values, we knew we needed to improve the way we collaborate with our customers on our product roadmap.  Transparency, humility, empathy and accountability are the values we strive to live by every day at JAGGAER and this new solution will support that goal.

Why JAGGAER Engage

We want to foster a community where we can engage with our customers and our customers can engage with each other. Being able to directly interact will help us better understand you, your business, and how you use our products. We also want to create a forum for you to meet other customers and learn from each other’s’ experiences. The power of our dynamic and diverse community listening to each other and collaborating will create better solutions.

How it Works

We chose this solution because it brings a lot of features that will enhance our interactions. With this solution you can search and filter feature requests, submit your own feature requests, vote and make comments. You can also receive notifications when feature requests you are interested in are reviewed by our product managers or put on our roadmap, making it easier to track what is going on. You can submit and vote on as many feature requests as you would like. All of your users with access to our customer care portal will be able to access JAGGAER Engage.

Tips for Submitting Feature Requests

Our product team will be focused on the feature requests with the highest votes so here are some tips for getting your feature request to the top!

  • Use the search to see if there is a similar feature request already out there and up-vote it. The more votes a feature request has, the more likely to get attention.
  • Problems tend to get more votes than solutions! Be clear on your business case and describe the problem you are looking to solve.
  • Work with your users to craft your feature request so that it is written in a way that will get more votes from the community.

Finally, in the spirit of transparency and setting realistic expectations we will close feature requests on a regular cadence that have not been sufficiently up-voted. You will be notified when this happens and feel free to speak with your JAGGAER contact if you want to discuss.

We hope you enjoy using JAGGAER Engage. And just like our solutions, we always welcome feedback on this solution as well!

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