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    25 Years of Procurement Innovation


    Two and a half decades, a quarter of a century, no matter how you say it, twenty-five years is a long time. And a lot has changed since 1995. Twenty-five years ago, the internet was still in its infancy, anyone remember dial-up? The internet would actually stop if you answered the phone. Smoking was still allowed in restaurants, blockbuster was the big name instead of Amazon, and you still had to leave voicemails instead of texting. It can almost be hard to imagine a time without the iPhone or social media. Society has clearly come a long way since then, due in large part to the emergence of some truly impressive technological innovations.

    JAGGAER is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, which is something we’re all quite proud of. To kick off the celebration we’re taking a little walk down memory lane to see some of the innovative stops along the way. In this webinar part of our  Fall Series lineup  we’ve put together a cast of JAGGAER’s CEO, Jim Bureau, Gartner’s Sr Director Analyst, Patrick Connaughton, Deloitte’s Managing Director, Brent Griffith, and it’s only fitting that we have our longest standing customer for This occasion, says Pradip Khemani, Senior Director of Global Business Services with Blue Shield of CA will be rounding out the panel.

    Procurement innovation webinar panel


    Tune in on October 27th | 10:00 AM ET | 3:00 PM CET | 2:00 PM BST –  Register now and save your spot!

    Here’s a few of the things you can expect to hear about:

    1. Where procurement has come from

    While the world as a whole has seen a complete digital transformation, procurement has also come a long way, and at JAGGAER we’ve seen that transformation up close. In the early days of JAGGAER we had employees who had to meet on the highway to exchange floppy disks! Ranging from all manual processes to the emergence of powerful source-to-pay (S2P) suites there has been no shortage of changes. And in order to build a roadmap for the future, you must first understand where we’ve been.

    2. How the solutions of today are helping leaders from various industries

    You’ll hear from some of the biggest and most respected figures in procurement. Having representatives from both Gardener other Deloitte you will get a truly comprehensive view of the market today and how various solutions come into play. Not only that, but you will hear from our longest tenured customer, Blue Shield of CA, about the innovations the healthcare space has seen in the last 25 years and how JAGGAER has been there to help every step of the way.

    3. Where is procurement headed next?

    Something JAGGAER has been focused on since the very beginning is to provide the most value for our customers that we possibly can. We think one of the ways we can do this is to redefine what procurement is capable of; helping to empower professionals to take more of a strategic approach and use the technology at their disposal to the highest level. We think this is going to come in the way of autonomous procurement, relying heavily on augmented analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). There has been some buzz about this recently and now is your chance to hear from the industry experts about the reality of autonomous procurement, what the new role of procurement professionals will look like, and what you can do now to stay one step ahead.

    Everyone who registers and attends will receive one Continuing Education Hour (CEH) from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). These hours can be used to maintain your supply management certification through ISM.

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