1. Advanced Sourcing Optimizer Best Practices Center (“ASO BPC”). Delivered by JAGGAER’s experienced Professional Services team, JAGGAER’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer Best Practices Center is a valuable addition to your partnership with JAGGAER to ensure your users benefit from proven best practices consulting and strategic advice on topics such as event setup, supplier management and communication and bid analysis.
  2. Key components of the Best Practices Center include access to:
    1. Expert Coaching Services
      1. RFP Readiness Reviews — buyers may request a review of their sourcing event prior to launch, to ensure they are taking optimal advantage of Advanced Sourcing Optimizer’s Expressive Bidding and Scenario Analysis features.
      2. Event Coaching Services — users may request a JAGGAER ASO BPC consultant to discuss event strategy and approach.
      3. eAuction Readiness Reviews – buyers may request a review of their e-auction to review their e-auction strategy, feedback, and timeline parameters as well as all other Advanced Sourcing Optimizer features. Readiness Reviews are available for reverse, reverse Dutch, and reverse Japanese auctions. Requests must be made no less than five (5) business days prior to the scheduled auction open date.
    2. Premium Content
      1. Template Library — buyers obtain access to pre-configured ‘best practice’ RFP templates to serve as a starting point, and can then tailor those templates to meet their own needs. (Available for select categories.)
      2. White papers and Quick Reference Guides — access to white papers and quick reference guides available on our web-based Training & Support Center that are exclusive for ASO BPC subscribers.
    3. Professional Services & Training
      1. One (1) Event Start-Up Service — An event start-up consulting session is included with your ASO BPC Subscription. Event start-ups are designed to assist your users with quick event setup and targeted training assistance.
      2. One (1) Analytics Workshop — A one-half (½) day analytics workshop session is included with your ASO BPC Subscription.
      3. Additional Professional Services – Any Professional Services outside the scope of the above ASO BPC Professional Services may be provided by JAGGAER in accordance with the terms of a Statement of Work executed by JAGGAER and Client.