Velat Özkilinc, Joyson Safety Systems

Velat Özkilinc, Executive Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer at Joyson Safety Systems, along with his team were able to build a global supplier management and sourcing platform with JAGGAER.

At Home with JAGGAER - Featuring Joyson Safety Systems

Joyson Safety Systems (JSS) was founded in 2018 through the merger of two global automotive suppliers, creating one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive safety, including airbags, steering wheels, seat belts and active and passive safety systems. The merger lead JSS to inherit 13 separate ERP systems, no common IT systems and roughly 3,500 suppliers in direct purchasing alone. With people spending up to 80% of their time on manual work, JAGGAER ONE was identified in 2019 as a means to streamline systems and processes. Watch the video to learn how JSS drove success with JAGGAER.

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