University of Virginia Undergoes Digital Transformation with JAGGAER

Strengthening contract compliance and automated processes

In order to comply with eVA, the state-mandated procurement system, the University of Virginia needed to provide line-item detail on every purchase order—a significant number—issued by the school. But orders originating in the old system did not contain line-item details, requiring time consuming and error-prone manual entry. In addition, the system was clogged with manual paper invoices, as the university could not effectively manage non-catalog orders. At best, spend was not being managed at the University of Virginia; at worst, the reconciliation of invoices was completely inaccurate, so the school sought out JAGGAER’s help. What started as a compliance initiative became a transformation of the entire procurement process that reduced costs, brought spend under management, and focused on business critical initiatives.

Read the success story to find out how the University of Virginia:

  • Automated invoice receipts, eliminating the need to hire three FTEs
  • Utilized POs with line-item levels of detail to meet compliance standards
  • Aligned all purchases made by the university, with proper approval processes in place
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