University of Colorado Elevates Strategic Role of Procurement

Speed and Savings, Combined

The University of Colorado’s procurement challenges were a matter of scale and scope. Their customers consist of many different types of individuals: faculty, staff, doctors, coaches, students, and more, who operate in hundreds of divisions and departments across the university’s campuses. Naturally, these individuals have a broad range of needs when it comes to purchasing materials and supplies to support their mission, but they all needed accuracy and efficiency. The university lacked the ability to track the speed at which invoices were paid, or ensure customers were ordering through the proper channels, so it worked with JAGGAER to adopt several of the company’s solutions for procurement, sourcing, and spend management. Spend Director enabled customers to shop for materials from the university’s preferred and contracted suppliers, and Accounts Payable Director dramatically reduced the time and effort required to approve and pay supplier invoices.

Read the success story to find out how the University of Colorado:

  • Expedited processing times for purchase orders; now, 91% go through in a day or less
  • Saved over $7 million through negotiated pricing
  • Reduced paper and manual payment processes by significant amounts
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