Purchase Order Management

Purchase Orders Processing Causes Delays

Companies spend a lot of unnecessary time tracking and confirming purchase orders. Late orders can create missed deadlines, engender extra costs, and negatively impact the company’s reputation for its ability to deliver.


JAGGAER Direct Purchase Order Management digitizes the full purchase order process from ordering to delivery. Keep all your purchase orders in one place so both buyer and supplier can always see the status of every purchase order and anticipate next steps. Also, the onboarding process is simplified so all suppliers can have access to this information.

The Supplier Portal helps you communicate with suppliers in real time. It also tracks your purchase orders by sending automatic reminders to suppliers to confirm orders. It includes purchase order confirmation, label creation, Advanced Shipping Notice, and much more so you never lose track of a purchase order again. Integrate it with Invoice & Credit Note for one-click purchase order flip and connect it with the other modules for a true all-in-one solution.

How You Can Benefit

  • Dramatically decrease process management costs
  • Increase on-time deliveries and reduce lead times
  • Reduce errors in purchase order handling by 75%
  • Eliminate mismatch between purchase orders and invoices
  • Improve efficiency in goods receipt processing

Integrate For Even Better Results


Still entering PO acceptances & shipping notifications manually?


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