With JAGGAER, you get more than just an IT tool to help you meet the challenges of digitalization. We see digital procurement as the way forward and we are confident that future-oriented analysis will help our customers make better and more sustainable decisions. Our continuous processes will provide you with new and valuable insights into procurement, ensuring that you can stay agile and make decisions quickly, in real-time.

#1 in Direct Procurement

We specialize in direct procurement. None of our competitors can match our wide range of specially designed functions or our expertise in direct procurement. Analysts recommend us as the clear number #1 in direct procurement for manufacturing companies.

Our clients benefit from more than 350 successful projects with industry leaders in manufacturing, automotive, medical technology, and serial production:

  • 15 years of experience in the manufacturing materials procurement
  • The broadest product range with over 40 modules specialized in direct procurement
  • Employees with comprehensive industry expertise, including detailed processes
  • Deep integration of the solution in the client’s IT/ERP landscape
  • High level of competence with interfacing between procurement and IT