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Transforming the way researchers find products for their experiments and make more informed decisions across business.

Why CiteAb for bioreagent acquisition and management?


Quality life science bioreagent citation data

11 M

Verified bioreagent products from 500 suppliers


Data accuracy across 5 million verified citations

35 M

Publication data-points including over 50,000 pre-print publications

The JAGGAER and CiteAb Partnership

CiteAb is now available to researchers who use JAGGAER’s Research Material Management (RMM) module to enhance the selection of bioreagents. You can now search and select on CiteAb, acquire products from preferred suppliers in JAGGAER RMM and save an average of 20% on research materials spend.

The JAGGAER-CiteAb partnership is the first to bring the comprehensive end-to-end research approach RMM has established for chemicals and lab supplies to commercial bioreagents.

CiteAb and RMM Partner together - Test tubes and vials in a lab
CiteAb and RMM Partner Together - Scientists using microscope for research

CiteAb Key Benefits with JAGGAER RMM

  • Easy researcher access to comprehensive, trustworthy data to select and acquire the right reagents without sponsored influence
  • Required purchasing and regulatory compliance checks built into the process with no hidden costs
  • Anonymous search protects your privacy
  • Leverages your preferred supplier relationships to reduce transaction and processing costs and shorten lead times
  • Improves reliability and reproducibility of research results and reduces cost and risk to research programs

FAQ CiteAb & JAGGAER Partnership

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Want to improve your bioreagent selection and acquisition? Learn how JAGGAER and CiteAb empower better decisions while improving research spend management.

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