JAGGAER’s Mission,
Vision and Values

JAGGAER Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values Guide Our Day-to-Day Business

Our Mission

JAGGAER drives customer value for buyers and sellers through our global connected network.

JAGGAER ONE - Is Everywhere - Global with Data Points
JAGGAER ONE - Procurement Management Software

Our Vision

Our portfolio of solutions will provide our customers & partners the most intelligent, transparent, frictionless commerce in the markets we serve.

Our Values


Passion surrounds everything we do. Of course, that is an easy thing to say; nobody will ever tell you that they are not passionate about something. What we mean by passion is 100% commitment to whatever we are doing – always with the organization’s mission and vision in sight. Ours is a company of specialists.

That means: JAGGAER will always provide the best available talent for the project or task in hand – individuals who are passionate about what they do, know the subject matter inside out and are motivated to deliver world class results.


Our personal interests are always subordinate to the company mission to simplify procurement with a relentless customer focus. We all respect and learn from the contribution of others in pursuit of that mission.


We strive to understand the perspective and the interests of all our stakeholders: customers, partners, employees, investors, analysts and the communities where we do business. Every single one has a right to be heard and understood. If we are to communicate with our stakeholders and serve them effectively, we need to know what it feels like to walk in their shoes.


JAGGAER is an open book. There is no hidden agenda. We are very clear about our objectives because we want every relationship to be a win-win. Transparency is essential if all parties are to feel that their needs have been taken into account that their interests will always be met.


We ask customers and other stakeholders what their expectations are. What do they really value? What are the outcomes that matter? We measure the impact we make based on these expectations – and communicate the progress we are making in a timely, material and meaningful way, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Our accountability extends to broader social issues, such as being a good neighbor, sustainability and equality of opportunity.

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