University of Montana Realizes Average Savings of 1 Million a Year with JAGGAER

University achieves nearly $3 million in savings in three years

Manual procurement processes. Manual accounts payable processes. The tracking of seemingly endless paperwork. By no means are these rare issues for many of today’s higher education institutions, but that didn’t make the problem any easier to tackle for the University of Montana. Under their old system, limited visibility coupled with no centralized management of purchasing processes created many challenges. End users often found it frustrating to understand where in the procurement process their order stood. Key to making procurement a value-added function was automation, which JAGGAER helped to enable in the school’s workflows. This automation allowed the PO process to be more easily adopted among users, and gave greater control and visibility to the procurement team. The procurement team is now able to manage a higher workload and only needs to step in manually to resolve “exceptions to the rule.”

Read the success story to find out how the University of Montana:

  • Reduced maverick spending and directed users to preferred suppliers
  • Increased managed spend via eCatalogs by 200% (and a 445% increase in number of orders)
  • Improved customer service for system users
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