QSCC Aggregates Spend and Sourcing for 6100 Wendy’s Business Units

Uninterrupted supply and unlimited scale

With responsibility for ensuring supply for over 6,100 Wendy’s restaurants, Quality Supply Chain Co-op, Inc. (QSCC’s) sourcing team not only needed a sourcing solution that could support a wide range of sourcing strategies, but also one that could handle the size and scale of the Wendy’s supply chain and the business requirements and preferences of various stakeholders. QSCC first adopted JAGGAER’s advanced sourcing solution to address the complex RFPs for commonly used food products, but soon expanded its use of the tool to include “What if?” scenario optimization, greater scale for sourcing events with large numbers of items and bid elements, and Expressive Bidding. The latter engages suppliers in a more creative and collaborative process, and allows the company to evaluate each supplier’s capacity to meet demand at multiple levels across the supply chain—ensuring a steady supply stream.

Read the success story to find out how QSSC:

  • Enabled its sourcing team to take on more strategic sourcing activities
  • Supported detailed item-level bidding in sourcing events that aggregate spend across thousands of individual locations
  • Ensured uninterrupted supply across restaurant locations
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