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Sourcing Optimizer: Your Quick Start Guide

On-Demand Webinar

Why an advanced sourcing solution is key to navigating uncertainty

Supply chains around the world remain heavily impacted by the Coronavirus. Whether it’s manufacturing slowdowns, bankrupt vendors, volatile pricing, or varying lead times, procurement organizations around the world are struggling to ensure adequate supplies, often in key areas. See why a sourcing optimizer solution can provide robust supply line alternatives and dependable, affordable goods.

Join JAGGAER Senior Project Manager Ron Summerhill and Solutions Engineer Ansley Kime for a detailed walkthrough of why an advanced sourcing solution is a massive step forward in managing your response to the COVID-19 crisis. By diversifying your supply base quickly, you can minimize risk and cost, providing your organization with the goods they need. Plus, get a demo of JAGGAER’s Sourcing Optimizer solution!

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of finding additional sources of supply
  • How diversifying supply lines mitigates risk
  • How advanced sourcing solutions allow capacity thresholds, scenario constraints, and more
  • How sourcing solutions integrate data with other digital procurement tools
  • How JAGGAER’s Sourcing Optimizer solution allows you to see results quickly

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch a demo of Sourcing Optimizer and see how it can impact your supply chains today. Watch now!

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