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Rethinking Supplier Diversity

On-Demand Webinar

Making Way For a New Reality

Supplier diversity has jumped up the agenda of many organizations, but how do you define supplier diversity?

Most people are getting it wrong. Supplier diversity is a lot more than meets the eye.

Our panel will discuss a new perspective on what supplier diversity is, why it should be a priority, what benefits it can bring, and how exactly you can develop your own supplier diversity strategy for the long term.

We’ll discuss:

  • What supplier diversity really is
  • Diversity for diversity’s sake vs. diversity for mutual value
  • The benefits of supplier diversity and a people-first mindset
  • How to move past the “checkbox mindset” and develop a strategy that creates value for everyone
  • How innovation is changing the diversity landscape for good (and how you can take advantage)

Meet the Speakers

Roger Blumberg

VP, Corporate & Product Marketing

Chris Sawchuck

Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader

Victoria Mallinckrodt

Procurement Manager

Matt Palackdharry

Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer

Peter Smith


Session Sponsors

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