OCR Today, Intelligent Document Processing Tomorrow: How to Get From Here to There

On-Demand Webinar
Digital Capture Image

JAGGAER and ABBYY discuss how to move your organization from simple data extraction to fully intelligent document processing. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and digital capture are terms thrown around regularly, but do you know what they mean and how to implement them at your organization? Hear real-world examples about how organizations are becoming paper-free by implementing these technologies and improving human processes.

Watch this webinar to learn:


  • What intelligent document processing is
  • Why getting your accounting operations in order is essential in making intelligent document processing adoption successful
  • How your organization can innovate by automating processes and digitizing records


Meet the Presenters

Reggie Twigg, Director, Solution Marketing, AP and Transportation, ABBYY

With a research background in Communication Theory, including Semiotics, Linguistics, and Speech Pathology, Reginald Twigg has been in Enterprise Software for the past two decades focusing on automating document processing applications with emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and hyper-automated technologies. Developing the earliest NLP applications for ECM, later with AI and ML, he has led their introduction into Document Imaging and Capture while at FileNet and IBM. Now at ABBYY, he currently works with major enterprises to empower them to understand their processes and content to improve business outcomes.

Amenallah Reghimi, Vice President of Product Management, JAGGAER

Amen Reghimi is Vice President of Product Management at JAGGAER, where he builds bridges between technology and business on a global scale, successfully implementing 60+ international projects on four continents in four different languages. He builds effective products that solve market problems and provide massive value to his customers. Amen’s focus on Intelligent Solutions and Innovation has earned him accolades as a Global Thought Leader, Innovator, and Influencer. Most recently, Amen was recognized through the Supply and Demand Chain Executives 2021 Pros to Know Award.


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