8 Steps to Get your Procurement Organization AI-Ready
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Conversational Procurement Platforms: Look Who’s Talking!

On-Demand Webinar

Conversational Procurement Platforms

Everyone’s talking about automated procurement tools… and the procurement tools are starting to talk back. As conversational source-to-pay platforms start to become commonplace, it’s important to keep tabs on where the technology is most advanced, most available, and most useful. At their most basic, they allow users to interact with software – and, most importantly, the data stored inside – with simple, natural language requests and commands.

Whether you’re looking to pull data insights quickly, create RFQs and contracts, or simply navigate through the user interface with less clicking and digging, conversational platforms can help speed up workflows and ensure accuracy in your reporting.

Join Amenallah Reghimi, JAGGAER’s VP of Product Management for Intelligent Solutions, as he walks through the ins and outs of conversational tools, natural language processing, chat bots, and more.

In our 45-minute webinar, get up to speed on: 

  • Where conversational technology stands where it’s headed in the future
  • The most useful applications of conversational language in procurement
  • How natural language speeds up your overall workflow
  • What JAGGAER is doing to maximize the impact of voice and chat assistants

Are you ready to start communicating with your procurement system? 

Watch the webinar now!

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