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How to Adapt Promptly and Conserve Your Cash

How to Adapt Promptly and Conserve Your Cash

Money in Hand

Organizations around the world have been forced to conserve cash. Minimizing spending and renegotiating contracts are both essential steps, but a complete source-to-pay solution can provide several opportunities that would otherwise go unmanaged.

Watch JAGGAER Value Consultant Bruce Logan to learn how you can quickly pivot and preserve cash. With over 25 years of experience in procurement as a practitioner and solution consultant, Bruce will bring expertise and know-how as he walks through the key points in the procure-to-pay workflow where you can have the biggest impact in your quest to preserve cash.

From pinpointing where money is being spent to identifying AP commitments and liabilities, Bruce will use his experience as a practitioner in the 2008 financial crisis to show how you can put data to work to reduce your spending. Finally, he will illustrate how measuring the successes of your efforts can help you adjust and continue to make progress over time.

In just 45 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of cash preservation
  • Where in the source-to-pay cycle you can most quickly save cash
  • How to increase compliance with crisis purchasing policies
  • Why measuring your successes and failures leads to progress moving forward

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