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The State of the Supply Side Report

Companies Around the World are Improving their B2B Commerce Experience and You Should Too

Here’s Why Your Enterprise Needs to Strategically Evolve

As supplier organizations look to automate and digitally transform, they will be best served by investing in systems that allow them to improve selection and pricing on their own supply sources, open access to potential buyers, reduce risk, and relieve capacity constraints on their teams.

In response to the difficulties of the last few years, businesses all around the world are redesigning their supply chains. In fact, if your enterprise or organization is experiencing some sort of friction in your supply chain operations such as inflation, shortages, limited production capacity, or geopolitical risks, you will want to read this State of the Supply Side Report.

Learn About the Most Recent Industry Data and What Suppliers Are Saying

Are you interested to learn about the three most promising advancements cited by suppliers for improving their commerce experience? Fill out the form and learn why these industry-leading features are so desirable.
A sneak peek of other features include:

  • Autonomous systems
  • AI Mechanisms
  • Technology that reduces time
  • Programs offering predictive recommendations

Each of these advancements would significantly make business operations run smoother, speed up core processes, and open capacity to do more with less. The data gathered by JAGGAER indicates there is incredible value that is accessible to suppliers who are interested in proactively reducing friction-prone processes in their supply chains and investing in technology.

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