Indirect spend management
Complimentary White Paper

Indirect Spend Management: Six Challenges Caused by Lack of Transparency and How to Overcome Them


Ready to Take Control of Your Indirect Spend?

6 Challenges Caused by a Lack of Transparency & How to Overcome Them

Effective indirect procurement is a key success factor in running a profitable business, but a lack of transparency can make it difficult for companies to keep indirect spend under control.

This paper covers the six main challenges caused by a lack of transparency in indirect procurement and shows how businesses can solve these problems with a comprehensive procure-to-pay (P2P) solution.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:


  • How a lack of transparency reduces control over indirect spend
  • Why manual processes in indirect procurement are costing your business time and money
  • How to tackle challenges like maverick buying, audits, compliance, price negotiations and more with a procure-to-pay solution

Ready to take control of your indirect spend? Download your free copy to get started!

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