How to Connect Inventory With Research Procurement
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How to Connect Inventory With Research Procurement: A Global Pharmaceutical Company’s Journey

Numerous industries are critically dependent on inputs that aren’t neatly wrapped and packaged in cardboard boxes. From ingredients, chemicals, powdered metals, and slurries to other bulk materials, many industries have unique purchasing challenges.

Even amidst this diversity, the research lab is a special breed. Its inputs are acquired spontaneously and from various suppliers and information sources, have to be available quickly, and often come with special handling and exposure compliance rules. From extreme outliers like radioactive materials to day-to-day compounds, all chemicals need to have clear handling guidelines — even the fairly innocuous ones.

Researchers, who are often prized for their independent thinking, are key decision makers. Gaining their adoption requires processes that are simple, effective, and add value.

See how one global pharmaceutical research leader drives procurement success.

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