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Advanced Sourcing

Achieving the Next Level of Savings & Efficiency in your Supply Chain


Recent shocks to global supply chains have forced organizations to reevaluate how they’re sourcing goods and optimizing their supply lines. As supply chains continue to evolve, expanding and increasing in complexity, so too do sourcing events. It’s important for procurement teams to keep up. Tools like reverse auctions and eRFXs once represented the cutting edge of sourcing technology. While they still have their place, they also come with limitations, especially when it comes to large events and bundling items.

Many standard eSourcing tools provide “screen savings,” or projected savings from computer calculations that fail to materialize in the real world. While these tools have facilitated easier bid collection and created competition between suppliers, they’re no longer the best fit for all events.

Advanced sourcing solutions use comprehensive optimization technologies to open up the marketplace. They drive new savings and efficiencies into your supply chains. JAGGAER Sourcing Optimizer is an industry leader. Expressive Bidding allows bidders to receive real-time feedback on where their bid stands, both on price and non-price factors. By understanding how competitive they are, suppliers can adjust their bids as needed. Sourcing Optimizer allows users to create conditional offers or alternative specs and attributes. They can identify the cost impacts of alternates and define specific constraints to get the results they need and make better award decisions.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The value of advanced sourcing solutions
  • The functional differences between advanced sourcing and standard eSourcing solutions
  • The benefits of complex scenario analysis
  • How JAGGAER Sourcing Optimizer can help expand sourcing strategies

Prepare your organization to take the step toward the next level of savings and efficiency. Download the white paper today!

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