2018 Global SRM Maturity Report

Global Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 2018 Maturity Report

Learn about the current state of Supplier Relationship Management from 250 procurement specialists globally. Our annual report provides insights into critical information to inform your company on the best practices and benchmarks for successful supplier management. This year’s findings are compared against the 2017 report to provide a complete picture of global trends.

This report provides details and insights on:

  • The profile of companies moving digital transformation of the supplier relationship forward
  • The overall value delivered by SRM solutions
  • Successful processes associated with the implementation of an SRM solution
  • What a company can expect from an SRM solution in terms of heightened transparency
  • Supplier KPI and performance data: what’s being collected and how it’s being used
  • Supplier classification
  • Value beyond price reduction
  • Predictions for supplier management in 2030

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