Digital Procurement: Just Hype or the New Standard?

Digital Procurement: Just Hype or the New Standard

83% of Companies Are Missing Out on Potential in Digital Procurement

Make your digital transformation in procurement a success!

JAGGAER’s study, “Digital Procurement: Just Hype or the New Standard?,” conducted in cooperation with the BMÖ (Austrian Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics), reveals that 83% of companies are not taking full advantage of digital procurement’s potential even though the majority of these companies already have the necessary technological framework to do so.

Digital procurement is the buzzword of the hour. Business processes and procedures are changing just as quickly as new technology is developing. This promises enormous potential and better decision-making for Procurement, but are companies ready for these new digital trends? And how much potential does new technology really have to offer?

The results of JAGGAER’s global study, collected from 168 participating companies, show that companies have made progress towards digitalizing their procurement organizations, but remain wary of using the newest cutting-edge technology.

Download the new study and get an exclusive inside look at:


  • how companies rate their own experience with new technology
  • how companies rank different technologies in terms of investment priority and potential
  • what the requirements are for a successful digital transformation in Procurement
  • which technologies will revolutionize Procurement and when
  • why your data is now more important than ever


Do you want to learn how to get beyond the buzzwords and turn digital procurement into real added value for your organization?

Download the study now!

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