10 Companies Achieve Greater Savings, Faster Cycle Times and Improved Compliance with Sourcing Innovation

Sourcing isn’t one size fits all operation.  


Sourcing is typically broken down between indirect, direct, and CapEx – all of which have very different requirementsinformation capture, cost model breakdowns, category definitions, and functional capabilities 

Not only that but many industries, such as transportation, have such complex requirements that they fall into a category of their own.  

A single sourcing tool can’t begin to cover all of these unique requirements, but a single company can: JAGGAER. 

We’ve put together this free eBook to give you real examples from 10 top companies on how to drive savings and build a competitive advantage with JAGGAER’s solutions. 

Download this FREE eBook today and learn: 

  • The different requirements of indirect, direct, CapEx, and Transportation sourcing 
  • Real world applications for JAGGAERs sourcing solutions 
  • How to leverage technology to increase savings and efficiency across a variety of categories, industries and events  

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