The Hackett Group: How to Navigate Persistent Digital Supply Chain Issues to Drive Strategic Value

Every year The Hackett Group runs a study on the top supply chain issues and priorities for the coming year.  


Unsurprisingly cost efficiency, risk management, becoming a strategic business partner, and overcoming the “do more with less” mandate are always near the top of the list.  

These issues are here to stay, but as the world shifts to a more digital approach, solutions are out there, and we want to help you find them. 


In this in-depth research piece from The Hackett Group, you’ll learn:  

  • Five of the top supply chain issues and how to overcome them 
  • In-depth analysis on how to scale up your strategic efforts while also keeping costs low 
  • How to overcome critical hurdles to digital transformation 
  • How to drive continuous value using a digital supply chain model 

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