Advanced Sourcing Services


Delivered by our experienced Professional Services team, JAGGAER’s Sourcing Optimizer Best Practices Center is a valuable addition to your partnership with us to ensure your users benefit from proven best practices consulting and strategic advice on topics such as event setup, supplier management and communication, and bid analysis.

Key components of the Best Practices Center include access to:


  • RFP Readiness Reviews– buyers may request a review of their sourcing event prior to launch, to ensure they are taking optimal advantage of Sourcing Optimizer’s capabilities within event setup and Scenario Analysis features. See below Services section for activity details.
  • eAuction Readiness Reviews– buyers may request a review of their e-auction to review their e-auction strategy, feedback, and timeline parameters as well as all other Sourcing Optimizer features. Requests must be made no less than 5 business days prior to the scheduled auction open date.
  • Event Coaching Services– users may request to schedule a JAGGAER BPC consultant to discuss event strategy and approach.


  • Template Library– buyers obtain access to pre-configured “best practice” RFP templates to serve as a starting point, and can then tailor those templates to meet their own needs. (Available for select categories.)
  • White papers and Quick Reference Guides– access to white papers and quick reference guides available on our web-based BPC Exchange Center that are exclusive for BPC subscribers.


  • Event Start-Up Service(1) – An event start-up service is included with your BPC subscription. Event start-ups are designed to assist your users with quick event setup and targeted training assistance. See below Services section for activity details.
  • Analytics Workshop(1) – Up to a one-half (½) day analytics workshop session is included with your BPC subscription.

For BPC pricing details, please contact your account manager or sales.

Customers receive an Event Start-up and Analytics Workshop for each full BPC subscription year for subscriptions of 1 year or longer.



Readiness Reviews are designed as a final check to ensure bid setup is complete and the buyer benefits from best practice configuration recommendations prior to launch of their event.

RFP Readiness Reviews include the following activities:

  • A complete review of Sourcing Optimizer feature configurations to verify that the bidding site is ready for launch.
  • Tailored recommendations to ensure event approach follows Sourcing Optimizer best practices.
  • A complete RFP Readiness report outlining required configuration changes and recommendations.

For services pricing details, please contact your account manager or sales.


Start-Up services help users quickly and efficiently launch a sourcing event while taking full advantage of the tool’s set-up, event management and analytic capabilities.

Start-Up Services include the following activities:

  • Web-based kick-off session to discuss project strategy, scope and goals
  • Follow-up requirements gathering sessions
  • Configured event site in Sourcing Optimizer
  • Site review webinar
  • Event Launch
  • Buyer Support Introduction & transition call

For services pricing details, please contact your account manager or sales.


Engage our Professional Services team to configure your sourcing event or template to support a specific go-to-market strategy – including designated event management support, training for buyers on bid management and scenario creation, and scenario analysis support.

Deliverables with this offering include:

  • Planning and Project  Management Intro
  • Project Governance led by JAGGAER expert
  • Strategy Review and Guidance
  • Requirement & Scope Collection
  • Configured Event in ASC or Sourcing Optimizer
  • Site Review Webinar
  • Event Configuration Training
  • Event Management & Bid Monitoring Training & Support
  • Bid Validation Analysis Training & Support (1 Round)
  • Advanced Analytics (Optimization) Training
  • Optimization Guidance & Support
  • Support Handoff Webinar for ongoing support after the project is complete.

For services pricing details, please contact your account manager or sales.

Guided Event add-on services

The below can be added to a Guided Event Service:

  • Data Management Support – support to create baseline needed to build the market basket for the event, supplier & primary data, normalization, loading and review for initial bid round
  • Bid Validation/Outlier Analysis Support – support in review of preliminary (non-optimized) analysis for completeness and accuracy of bids received using jointly agreed tolerance.
  • Full Optimization Support – additional optimization support including hands-on scenario development and review of the allocation reports to assist in analysis goals and award decisions.
  • Feedback, Negotiation Support, Award Support – support in identification areas for negotiation with suppliers and support on using Sourcing Optimizer award communication functionality


Up to a half-day interactive workshop to help users maximize their use of Sourcing Optimizer’s powerful Scenario Builder & Analysis features.

This workshop, delivered by an analytics expert from JAGGAER’s Professional Services team, includes:

  • Scenario analysis training covering all of the analysis features of Sourcing Optimizer.
  • Pre-built base scenarios to start scenario analysis.
  • Review of bid data and configuration of scenario rules to meet specific business objectives.
  • Hands-on practice conducting analysis based on different business rules and stakeholder preferences.

For services pricing details, please contact your account manager or sales.



Our one-day user orientation training program, which can be held on-site at your offices, virtually as a web-based course offering, or as an online public session.

Essential introductory training for all new users of Sourcing Optimizer, covering:

  • Overview of JAGGAER Sourcing Optimizer
  • Hands-on Exercises
  • Interactive Case Study
  • Overview of Administrative functionality

At the end of the course, participants will know how to support each step of the e-sourcing process in Sourcing Optimizer, from event creation, through supplier management, to bid analysis and awarding.

For training pricing, please visit JAGGAER University.


Delivery of live, web-based training to familiarize your suppliers with JAGGAER Sourcing Optimizer and our Expressive Bidding approach.

This live virtual course supplements the supplier training materials available to all suppliers on the Training and Support Center. Sourcing Optimizer Event Training for Suppliers includes the following for a specified event:

  • A step-by-step review of bidding steps.
  • An overview of Expressive Bidding and the benefits for suppliers.
  • Discussion of the help and support resources available during the bidding process.

For training pricing, please visit JAGGAER University.

Additional training available via JAGGAER University. See your Account Manager or Sales for details.