Best in Class
Platform Reliability

What good is a procurement platform that isn’t reliable? We pride ourselves on providing solutions with top-class reliability so that your business is never put on hold.

Diversity in your suppliers

A platform you can count on

Key areas of focus for JAGGAER reliability.

Platform redundancies

Robust system backups

JAGGAER uses a combination of colocation and Amazon Web Services to ensure that our platform hosting is dependable. Your application relies on one common IT infrastructure to ensure stability with hardware and software redundancy and a dedicated disaster recovery environment for any drastic data center events.

Minimal downtime

Don’t lose time to software outages. With JAGGAER, rest assured that your solutions will be available whenever you need them. We’ve built our platform with multiple fallbacks to make sure we’re there for you when you need us.


Technical support

Dedicated experts

Our team of technical experts, we take customer support seriously. With a variety of support options and dedicated teams, we’re with you at every step to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems with access, data, integrations and more.

A Dependable Partnership

You can count on JAGGAER to work with you for all of your technical questions. No matter the issue, we’ll work with your team to get it resolved quickly.

Performance monitoring

Continuous Monitoring and Instant Alerts

JAGGAER employs thousands of independent monitors to track system performance and health indicators at every level of the application and network infrastructure. If an issue is detected, critical alerts are communicated instantly so we can quickly get to work solving the problem. Plus, we perform load testing with every new release to measure system capacity.

Faster Response Times

You can be sure JAGGAER has plans in place to expand alongside your business with regular load testing. Plus, outages are solved quicker with active performance and capacity monitoring and instant outage alerts to our engineers and support teams.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard. See our application uptimes for last month.

See full uptime reports

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