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State and local government bodies—such as counties, cities, towns, school districts, and special districts—play a major role in the everyday lives of the people they serve, as well as in the overall economy of the nation. With such broad (and important) responsibilities, government officials and administrators are continuously searching for innovative ways to address their fiscal challenges and avoid finding themselves in a position where essential services for citizens will need to be cut or taxes raised to make up for a budget shortfall. Add to that the complexities of managing suppliers—awarding contracts, simplifying the purchasing and payment process, and making sure large and diverse user bases are taking advantage of awarded cost savings—it’s clear that governments have a huge challenge on their hands.

How does a government agency stretch their budget, drive efficiency throughout the organization, and make more collaborative, informed decisions that will best benefit the public? With JAGGAER’s Public Sector solutions suite.

JAGGAER offers a powerful set of tools to meet the procurement needs of government departments of all sizes, and partners with NASPO ValuePoint to help obtain preferred pricing and accelerate project timelines. Whether an entire state or local government or a single department in a governmental body, JAGGAER has worked with agencies coast-to-coast, providing a flexible solution that allows the procurement process to be simplified, better managed, and made more efficient—ultimately benefitting the quality of services provided while helping out the budget’s bottom line.

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JAGGAER public sector software solution suite

What Sets Us Apart

JAGGAER’s unique Public Sector Suite was developed over two decades of serving government organizations and public entities. It is the ideal toolset to help any government entity become more efficient in procuring goods and services, sourcing and managing the best possible suppliers, and achieving the best pricing possible with managed contracts. Together, the solutions help agencies improve user adoption and manage budgets across dozens of departments. They allow for agencies to benefit from economies of scale and drive purchasing power by facilitating dialogue and building relationships across constituents.

JAGGAER’s eProcurement software solution, Spend Director, provides government bodies with a one-stop integrated marketplace for all goods and services that guides procurement teams’ spend toward preferred, strategically contracted suppliers.

Spend Director provides:

  • The ability for an agency to influence buying decisions among its staff and departments, improving spend management alongside an enhanced purchasing experience complete with real-time visibility into product availability, making room for more efficient spend
  • Compliance built into the process of acquisition, making sure agencies stay within regulations with automated audit trails
  • Built-in supplier enablement, catalog management and contract compliance tracking

Sourcing Director from JAGGAER allows agencies to tap into automation for their strategic sourcing events, saving time and money while ensuring sourcing process compliance and improving bid quality.

Features of Sourcing Director include:

  • Creating events, managing bids, and award contracts automatically—reducing routine bidding event lengths by half, and increasing bid competitiveness by encouraging more suppliers to get involved
  • Increased visibility into sourcing activities and prospective bidders
  • An intuitive, wizard-driven interface with configurable workflows, RFx templates, and content libraries, as well as self-service access for suppliers

Total Supplier Manager (TSM) is a comprehensive supplier lifecycle management solution that provides government agencies complete visibility into the performance and risk of their suppliers.

JAGGAER’s TSM solution allows users to:

  • Easily collect supplier information in a single portal to run sourcing projects, assess spending levels, and optimize payment processes
  • Compare suppliers in performance, total quality, pricing, risk, and more to build the best possible vendor network while remaining in step with regulations
  • Automate supplier management with alerts for expirations and renewals as well as guided onboarding for suppliers, reducing paper waste and saving taxpayers up to $1,000 per supplier per year

Many government agencies are still creating and managing contracts manually, making them prone to inaccuracies and unnecessary risk. Total Contract Manager (TCM) automates the contract management process and keeps all necessary agency departments in the loop.

Organizations utilizing TCM can:

  • Significantly reduce risk of errors and missed obligations with a single point of real-time information about all contract terms and conditions
  • Streamline contract management through better collaboration from authoring to approval, with all contracts stored in a single, secure central repository
  • Minimize authoring times with dynamic contract generation and a library of standard templates for full contracts, clauses, and individual obligations
State of Georgia

Case Study

A municipal government, serving a population of around 150,000 constituents, sought a way to better spend tax dollars in the face of mounting, often politicized pressure on budgets. The procurement department of this agency is in charge of an annual budget of roughly $400 million, and needed to make that money last longer and provide better services to citizens.

Government agencies are experts at negotiating sophisticated contracts with suppliers—but such deals do little good if employees have difficulty accessing the negotiated savings. By making contracts easily to review and purchase against, buying power can be consolidated and an agency’s departments and individuals can fully take advantage of the discounted prices they are privy to—saving the department, and the taxpayer, money. Further, manual processes were holding employees back from making efficient use of their time and effort.

The municipality turned to JAGGAER to bring its procurement into the 21st century and reconcile this gap between vendor negotiations and employee purchases with the company’s Public Sector Suite of solutions. Spend Director provided an intuitive online shopping portal that drove users to purchase from catalogs reflecting preferred suppliers and negotiated prices, while TSM and TCM assured that supplier relationships remained active, efficient, and that contracts were being honored. And with JAGGAER’s Sourcing Director, supplier sourcing is automated and saves costs; with it, bids will be more competitive and the process for bringing new vendors on board will be streamlined, eliminating expensive delays.

Before starting the procurement transformation, less than ten percent of the municipal government’s spend was under management, signaling a significant missed opportunity to save costs. Now, over 75 percent is under management, and the city is saving costs at many steps of their supply chain, such as negotiating more favorable terms when renewing contracts, quickly finding better-fitting suppliers for their needs, and increasing the efficiency of their procurement process from sourcing to payment.

JAGGAER public sector

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The Solution Suite

JAGGAER’s Public Sector Suite enables agencies to realize greater total cost savings, higher efficiency and spend against contracts, less risk, and greater productivity. The result is that financial resources can be shifted to other budget priorities that benefit constituents. Government entities like the agency above have seen significant benefits from JAGGAER’s Public Sector tools:

Net Results:

  • Over 30% in total cost savings
  • Saved up to 50 hours of employee time per sourcing event
  • Contract compliance increased by 45%
  • Over 65% of suppliers vetted, onboarded, and monitored for performance
  • Procurement standardized across over nearly 3,000 users
JAGGAER public sector


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