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Procurement for consumer goods has tough requirements. Companies need responsible supply chains worthy of the trust that consumers place in their brands. This is why we offer advanced functions and expert integration, including sustainability and CSR information.

of the World’s Largest CPG Companies
Billion in Total Savings
Improvement in Procurement Cycle Times

What Sets Us Apart

Companies in the consumer goods industry face a number of procurement challenges related to product competition, packaging, and large scale distribution requirements. JAGGAER’s CPG suite is fully equipped to address these complex supply chain challenges.

Supplier Management

Our solutions support all areas of supplier management. Using our modules will help you enhance your procurement strategy and maximize its potential. Our Category Management Module will help you successfully implement a companywide category manager strategy. In addition, our solution will also improve communication and document exchange with suppliers.


These days, digital sourcing solutions are a must for many companies who need to handle complex procurement processes efficiently and successfully implement procurement strategies. The Sourcing Module not only fully automates the RFQ process, but is also fully integrated so that data can be reused for follow-up activities. The entire Procure2Pay process is covered by our eProcurement.  Turn your requests into a purchase order, instantly!

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Logistics processes in the consumer goods industry rely on a high degree of automation. Materials must be available at the right time and in the right quantities to ensure that the machines are working to capacity and to keep storage costs low. At the same time, the supply chain must be flexible enough to accommodate short-term order changes. Our solutions fully supports information flow along the entire supply chain.  The web platform also eliminates the need to process supplier documents manually.

Quality Management

With our solutions, you can automate more of your processes andsignificantly increase your process quality.  Complaint management, for example, will no longer need any manual input. In addition to speeding up your transactions, you will also be able to benefit from sharing important quality data with other modules. This makes your processes more reliable and reduces errors.


To ensure that your Procure-to-Pay process is seamless, our solutions support digital invoices and credit notes, which can be sent, received, signed and verified online. All the features in the Finance Portal are closely linked with other modules. With the Invoice and Credit Note Modules it is also possible to integrate a fully digital Procure-to-Pay process for suppliers without EDI capabilities.

JAGGAER integrates seamlessly with more than 40 ERPs, including Banner, Workday, Colleague, SAP and PeopleSoft.

Contact us to learn why our customers benefit from the combination of JAGGAER with their traditional ERP solutions.

The Solution Suite

JAGGAER’s CPG solution suite allows organizations to introduce sustainable sourcing initiatives that respond to changing consumer preferences, master complex logistics across their global supply chain, and centralize strategic sourcing practices to better manage spend. Most CPG companies operate in highly competitive markets, which means that they must manage their costs efficiently to stay ahead of their competitiors. JAGGAER customers  have seen  the benefits of a streamlined and data-driven procurement process firsthand.

Net Results:

  • 83% of spend under management
  • 30% reduction in number of suppliers under management
  • 120% return on investment within the first year
  • 160%+ reduction in average processing time from bid to supplier shipment
  • 95%+ compliant contracts in place


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