They Bought WHAT??? The Fascinating Finds from Our eProcurement Catalog- Part 2


Today we continue our offbeat celebration of National Procurement Month (#CelebrateProcurement) with three more curious items customers purchase from our online procurement catalogs. We kicked off the series last week with some fun finds from the ePro aisles. And this week, we present part 2 of the series highlighting the oddest, most outlandish, strangest and weirdest-sounding items that customers buy through our eProcurement catalog.


1. Baboon Primate Chair

We initially thought this might be a fun bean-bag chair, and we were excited to order a few for the office. Actually these are used by scientists to facilitate the study of animal behavior. So it might still be appropriate for our office – depending on the day.


2. Ejector Fork

Sounds like something Elroy Jetson might have used to launch his peas Astro’s way. In real life, an ejector fork has a slightly less exciting existence. It’s a utensil used to transfer and release pipettes containing small volumes of liquid in research labs. If we find a supplier for the Elroy version, you will read it here first. That would be awesome.


3. Pseudo Drowned Victim Scent

When you need a reliable way to train search dogs, pseudo scent is the way to go. This man-made compound mimics the smell of a human corpse, and maintains its scent for up to 30 minutes in still or running water. But if you spill some on you, and your date likes it, we recommend moving on.


Got some interesting items on your own eProcurement shopping list? We’d love to hear about them!

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