Procurement Transformation Helps The State of Georgia Capture Savings and Efficiencies

Shares pricing advantages with public entities, creating further purchasing leverage for the State

With ever-mounting budgetary constraints, government agencies need to stretch their tax dollars more and more every year. While government entities like the State of Georgia are exceptional at negotiating statewide contract discounts with suppliers, if employees are not able to access and take advantage of these discounts, they do little good. Working in partnership with JAGGAER, the State of Georgia seamlessly enhanced its ERP system with an easy-to-use online shopping portal and catalog and supplier management service that drives purchases to state-negotiated contracts. The newly-implemented Team Georgia Marketplace has easy-to-use features and its intuitive operations system drives contract compliance and intelligent spending by end users. The solution also automatically tracks and reports on order details by suppliers, products, year-to-year data, category/commodity comparisons, and more.

Read the success story to find out how the State of Georgia:

  • Increased spend under management from 6% to over 60%
  • Enabled the state’s purchasing department to display real financial leadership and sound fiscal management
  • Allowed Georgia’s public entities (such as city/county governments, public universities, and hospitals) to leverage the state’s buying power and contracts
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