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The University of Nottingham Streamlines Procurement with JAGGAER

Customer Profile

The University of Nottingham is one of the world’s best universities, distinguished for its commitment to learning and internationally renowned, world-class research. It currently services about 41,000 students and employs 7,000 staff members.

The University of Nottingham is helping define what it means to be an international university by doing research that addresses global human concerns and social problems. The university attracts dedicated staff and top students from around the world and has its own campuses in the United Kingdom, China and Malaysia.

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“Our staff can now shop around the clock through JAGGAER’s online marketplace, which is perfect for our research team.”


A key driver for implementing JAGGAER was to increase spend visibility and improve contract compliance. Additionally, the procurement staff identified a clear need to streamline the purchase-to-pay process, minimize invoicing errors and gain further operational efficiencies by reducing the amount of time staff spent searching for items and then requisitioning them.

The Solution

The University of Nottingham began using JAGGAER solely for its laboratory supplies. This stand-alone, source-to-pay solution enabled users to shop from hosted catalogs, create point-and-click requisitions and electronically submit requisitions for approval.

With improved quality of content, accurate prices and easier pinpointing of desired items (through the inclusion of images), strong user adoption followed. Building on the initial success, the university extended the solution to additional departments and commodities. In December 2010, orders for 90 percent of stationery, 80 percent of PCs, 95 percent of IT consumables and 70 percent of electrical and mechanical goods were processed through JAGGAER. User adoption of the marketplace site continues to grow, driven through increased promotion at meetings and user groups, high-level encouragement, additional training sessions and added commodities, including electrical components, personal computers and software.

Bottom-Line Results

The JAGGAER procurement solution delivered significant benefits to Nottingham in the first year:

  • 153 percent increase in the number of orders placed through the site (from 940 to 2,385)
  • 189 percent increase in spend through JAGGAER improved on-contract spend and yielded greater savings
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The Future

Future development plans are for the site to be expanded and improved with the addition of forms, punchout catalogs and a more detailed classification of vendors, including those which meet diversity and environmental targets for the university.

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