Increase Efficiency with Digital Supplier Processes

Smooth Data Transfer at HOERBIGER

Technology from HOERBIGER, the global leader in compression technology, drive technology, and hydraulic systems, can be found in industrial motors, turbines, car transmissions and has many other applications in plant and mechanical engineering. By introducing a central supplier portal, the company is able to cover both its transactional and strategic requirements in a single IT system.

The challenge was how to facilitate communication between the different systems and ensure that the transfer of data and know-how was as smooth and seamless as possible. JAGGAER’s SRM platform provides the necessary connection with SAP and ensures that data can be accessed centrally.

Read the success story and find out:

  • How HOERBIGER uses the supplier portal as a central interface between Procurement and its suppliers
  • How the SRM portal covers processes from supplier registration to RFQs and purchase orders, and
  • How HOERBIGER conducts cross-departmental evaluations to qualifiy suppliers
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