Autonomous Commerce Revolution
Amenallah Reghimi - VP Product Management

What is Autonomous Commerce?

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When you think about the future what do you see?

Flying cars and the metaverse? AI and machine learning?

When I think about the future, I don’t think about technology. Which I know sounds weird coming from a ‘technology guy’.

And I don’t think about it because it’s not there. It’s because I don’t have to. My thermostat automatically changes the temperature of my house when I leave. Cars are driving themselves. Technology eventually becomes autonomous. I don’t think about technology because the best innovations are the ones that you don’t have to think about.

What if the same ‘autonomous-ease-of-use’ could be said for enterprise commerce?

Sure, for everyday people it’s easy.

Pop online, search for something (or see a recommendation for something you didn’t realize you needed before), click buy now, and it shows up at your door, sometimes the same day.

It seems so simple for consumers, why can’t it be that easy for businesses too?

The enterprise buying process now:

Receive a purchase request > submit an RFP > find the right partners and evaluating vendors > negotiate > fill out countless forms > risk assessments > work with legal and finance > track shipments > quality assurance > and be ready to pivot and put out fires when something inevitably goes wrong.

We need a better way.

There’s technology out there to help simplify things in pieces, but enterprise commerce as a whole is fundamentally flawed.

We need to reimagine enterprise commerce altogether. We need the Autonomous Commerce revolution.

What is Autonomous Commerce?

In short, autonomous commerce is making buying crucial goods or services for your business as easy as shopping online.

eCommerce connects a world of buyers and sellers together. Giving smart match recommendations, fast shipping, seamless returns and an excellent UX. Not only do the buyers benefit from the ease of use and endless options, but the sellers do too, with access to a new pool of willing buyers. Autonomous Commerce takes that same foundation and applies it to enterprise commerce.

  • A network of willing buyers and pre-vetted, top-notch suppliers
  • Smart recommendations to match buyers and suppliers together based on their needs
  • An intelligent platform of automation and transparency to take care of the mundane tasks without you needing to ask for it (goodbye RFP’s)
  • An ecosystem of knowledgeable, strategic partners to guide processes and customize the platform to what you actually need

Buying specialized machinery from Germany or steel exhaust pipes from Chicago could be as simple and painless as buying a toothbrush online.

Wait – What About Autonomous Procurement?

I know. We’ve been talking about Autonomous Procurement being the future for years now – where’s Autonomous Commerce coming from?

Autonomous Procurement is still the immediate future.

That vision of automating all routine tasks, flowing all data through a digital mind and getting strategic recommendations based on millions of data points is right around the corner.

Autonomous Commerce is the next step beyond Autonomous Procurement in the innovation journey.

More importantly, it’s a fundamentally simpler way to do business.

Building on the automation and technology that Autonomous Procurement brings, Autonomous Commerce unifies a network of buyers, suppliers and partners on one platform, to streamline how businesses buy and sell goods.

The Autonomous Commerce Revolution

We don’t just want to stop at procurement.

We want to build a connected and intelligent ecosystem where the days of procurement putting out fires are behind us. Where the suppliers that prioritize quality and performance are rewarded. Where buyers and sellers are matched based on a number of automatically set criteria and where the entire buying process is as frictionless as possible.

That’s the future we see for business and it’s the future we’re working hard to create for you.

It’s nothing short of a revolution, and it’s one that will completely change how commerce is done.

And hey, we know it’s not going to be easy.

Especially in industries like manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, it’s not a simple task. But our goal is to start helping you move towards this vision of frictionless, Autonomous Commerce step-by-step.

Want to join the Autonomous Commerce Revolution? Check out this free white paper to get started.

ESG Procurement ROI

Is Autonomous Commerce on your roadmap?

Do you believe in the autonomous commerce vision? Let’s talk about how to get there together.

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