Procurement in Autopilot

How automation increases efficiency in procurement and drives your company forward

A good procurement department is like an engine. An engine produces energy to drive the car forward, and procurement needs to create added value that will drive the company forward. To do this effectively, procurement needs energy. This energy comes from employees, and everything else that a functional procurement department needs. The less energy the engine uses, the better!

Pull the Right Levers and Get Better Results in Procurement The white paper “Procurement in Autopilot“ defines two of the most important KPIs in procurement– efficiency and effectiveness – and shows how best in class purchasing organizations use the symbiotic relationship between the two to improve cost efficiency. Purchasers wondering which levers to pull to increase cost efficiency in procurement will find the answers to their automation questions in the white paper, including:

  • Why is efficiency so important and how can procurement become more efficient?
  • How much time does integrating data from different processes and systems really save?
  • What do compliance, risk avoidance and data security have to do with automation?
  • What’s next? What role will smart technologies play in the future of procurement?

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