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EdgeVerve Presents Transforming Your Business with AI-Powered Contracts Management

On-Demand Webinar


Building business resilience

Transform your business with cognitive contracts digitization and analysis platform

We all know data is king. But when the majority of your data is locked in vast and varied unstructured data sources – how do you get value from your data? Manual efforts to digitize data is error-prone, inconsistent and time-consuming. Understanding user intent and business context for business intelligence is challenging.

This impacts productivity, operation efficiency and eventually customer experience. As we all adapt to the new normal of transitioning to remote workforce (majority) this becomes all the more challenging.

Need of the hour! – Establishing a process resilience program that can help organizations support business-critical use cases in any unforeseen situation beyond COVID.

This is why we’ve invited AI experts EdgeVerve in our upcoming webinar to share their experience in how organizations like yours can be looking at AI capabilities in contract analysis that help extract value from unstructured data, to reduce manual intervention, providing intelligent insights – bringing in a holistic view of business processes.

In this 45 minute webinar, you will learn:


  • Why now is the time for procurement to benefit from AI-enabled contract management
  • How AI can help you identify and mitigate contract risk
  • Demystify AI with specific use cases and examples for procurement in response to Covid-19 and beyond
  • How JAGGAER contracts management is evolving with new technologies

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