Cost optimization

How 9 Companies Push for Cost Optimization through Greater Process Efficiency

Spend or cost reduction is firmly back at the top of the CPO Agenda, however Gartner prefers to use the term “Cost Optimization”. 

The result is largely the same, but the journey to get there looks much different. Cost reduction is simply finding ways to cut back spending and reduce costs, while cost optimization is pursuing opportunities for automation that add value. 

Cutting back on spending may sound tempting, but in the long run pursuing cost optimization will bring much more value to your organization. 

The problem is recognizing the opportunities to automate processes and increase efficiency can be difficult at first.  

Read our new cost  optimization eBook and learn:  

  • How 9 companies have achieved overall cost efficiency 
  • How to bring more spend under  management 
  • How to reduce cycle times, from PO to invoice 
  • How to reduce supplier risk and increase diversity 
  • How cost optimization can help with CSR and culture 

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