The Key to Navigating Biden’s Executive Order? Proactivity

The White House

The pandemic put U.S. supply chains under the microscope in 2020.

The vulnerabilities and gaps have always been present, but it took a disruption the size of a global pandemic to bring them all to light at once.

As a response, President Biden signed an executive order designed to review and bolster key material and industry supply chains, with a strong focus on reshoring production and investing in strategic alliances.

These reviews are well underway, and you can be sure that changes and regulations are coming, but that doesn’t mean you just have to sit around and wait for them.

JAGGAER has put together a series of free resources to help you understand what this executive order entails and exactly what you can start doing today to get ready for the changes on the horizon.

Biden Executive Order

What Does President Biden’s Executive Order Mean for Supply Chains?

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The White House’s Call for Critical Supply Chain Reviews: Get Ready

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The White House
White House podium

The Positives, Negatives, and Expert Takes of Biden’s Supply Chain Order

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The First 50 Days: A Series of Unfortunate Supply Chain Events

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Biden 50 Day EO

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