Why Our Uptime Report is Kind of a Big Deal


JAGGAER recently launched a new uptime report providing a monthly snapshot of the availability of our SaaS platforms – Source-to-Settle (SelectSite) and Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO).

So what’s the big deal with uptime?

Uptime refers to the percentage of time that our systems are available for customers to use. It’s a critical metric for measuring the performance of our products – and our service to the people who depend on us to source and procure their goods and services.

This new Uptime Report demonstrates our ongoing commitment to deliver the most reliable eProcurement software on the market. In the report, you can view the previous month’s uptime metrics as well as historical metrics for the past two years.

Our goal is to provide 100 percent uptime, and our technology team continuously monitors our systems and looks for ways to improve reliability, performance and speed.

You can find the Uptime Report at: www.jaggaer.com/support/uptime-report

Check it out and see why some of the world’s largest companies trust us to be their partner in spend management success. We’ll never stop looking for ways to continue earning that trust.

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