SUNY - The State University of New York


  • Best-in-class UI, and configurable templates, libraries and workflows for event approval and awarding to promote a consistent, approved and compliant process
  • Improve efficiency of sourcing professionals by providing more visibility into efforts and results
  • Collaborate on sourcing events to gain purchasing power
  • Centralized master vendor list to optimize bidder invites and participation
  • Self service supplier portal that supports a two-way auditable supplier communication
  • Reverse auction capabilities and multi-round event support to facilitate the best negotiations
  • Automated Award Process and seamless integrations with JAGGAER contracting and purchase processes


  • Shared eMarketplace administered at a single point with highly customizable campus interfaces
  • Centralized and one-stop shopping experience for all requests and purchases promotes ease of use and user adoption
  • Managed supplier enablement program with on-going management frees up SUNY’s IT resources
  • Easy-to-use shopping and approval/requisition tasks with powerful functionality behind the scenes to streamline complicated business rules
  • 100% auditable and compliant process for managing requisitions, purchase orders, purchase order delivery, and invoices
  • Improved cycle time with email and mobile approvals


  • Eliminate manual processes that lead to errors and missed savings opportunities
  • Reduce the per invoice costs to $4 or less from average $38 by automating 2 and 3 way matching for improved receiving process and reduced manual touchpoints
  • Avoid late-payment penalties, duplicate payments and overpayments
  • Increase savings with visibility into early payment opportunities
  • Decrease supplier calls with Self Service Supplier Portal that allows for submittal of new invoices electronically, view of open PO’s and tracking of current payment statuses


  • Robust, end-to-end CLM for true cradle to grave lifecycle management
  • Gain visibility with a centralized repository for all contracts
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs with standardized templates, clauses and workflow
  • Automated alerts and notifications for budgets, renewals, and expirations to promote savings and ensure key dates are not missed
  • Track spend against contract to capture savings and better negotiate with your suppliers
  • Drive consistent contract pricing across the SUNY System by enabling a single point of entry for the supplier’s pricing file


  • Gain visibility into SUNY-wide spend using a unified, comprehensive business intelligence solution.
  • View on-contract versus off-contract spend to identify potential savings and better negotiate with your suppliers
  • Leverage spend visibility to optimize savings opportunities and drive strategic procurement decisions and sourcing events
  • Gain access to reporting and spend analytics for all phases of procurement process
  • Monitor cycle times within the process to improve efficiencies


  • One fully integrated end-to-end solution
  • 100% browser based
  • Intuitive e-commerce look and feel for minimal training and ease of use to promote user adoption
  • A one-stop shop for all purchase and request types with seamless user interface for a common experience across SUNY
  • Tablet friendly and iPad certified
  • Mobile App for approvals reduces process time