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Chemical inventory control is crucial to pharmaceutical and life science organizations. These materials are the backbone of critical research, fueling the engine of discovery. Their flow from suppliers to individual labs should be seamless to maintain the rapid pace of research and development. Hundreds of labs across the world have selected Tejari’s unique, integrated solution to source chemicals and manage and them through their entire lifecycle.

Tejari provides the only enterprise-ready chemical inventory lifecycle management solution designed specifically for the efficient processing of reagents. Locating the chemicals needed, when they’re needed, through an intuitive, easy to use platform powered by the industry’s first triple-federated search, allows researchers to make better decisions, faster—and at the optimal price point.

The chemicals necessary to the innovation of new, life-saving drugs can pose health, environmental, and security risks, and are highly regulated. Tejari allows organizations to gain visibility into the acquisition, tracking, reporting and disposal of chemicals and ensures they are compliant with applicable regulations, certifications, and purchasing limits. With the robust capabilities of this toolset, it’s no surprise eight of the top 10 global life science companies trust Tejari with the procurement and management of materials and building blocks, key to their groundbreaking discoveries.

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Global Life Science Companies Rely on Tejari
% or more
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Case Study

A large Life Sciences company needed a solution to empower its 65,000+ employees to take advantage of cost savings and efficiencies in their purchasing activities. There was no ability for the organization to assure that large, global contract discounts were being taken advantage of on a regional level, because an easy, searchable set of catalogs did not exist. Users missed out on the cost savings from preferred vendors, and suffered through an inefficient ordering process that collectively eroded productivity and profitability.

The Company needed a solution that would play nicely with existing technology investments and seamlessly integrate with SAP in over 15 countries. With annual company revenues near $25 billion, this was no small feat.

Help arrived in the form of Tejari’s ERM and eProcurement Life Sciences bundled solutions, which the Company integrated with SAP in North American, European, Asian, and Australian locations. In less than 90 days, Tejari helped the Company develop over 100 supplier catalogs replete with company-negotiated pricing for more than a million items. The Company was able to control more than 95 percent of spend with the solution, and increased contract compliance by 50 percent—all within the first year. Tejari helped track and manage inventory and provided built-in compliance checks, leading to further efficiency and lower risk. Combined, these solutions led to an ROI upwards of 100 percent in the first year.

What Sets Us Apart

Tejari’s industry unique Life Sciences solution suite enables labs globally to discover, innovate, and market their latest products in an unprecedented manner. Our solutions drives agility in labs through optimized sourcing, contracting, purchasing, and inventory control while ensuring health and safety regulation compliance.

Tejari has set the standard for Life Science and Pharmaceutical organizations for over 20 years. Our fully automated chemical inventory control bundle manages workflow for requisitioning, approving, receiving, and reconciling research materials. Collectively, these solutions manage and track the research process from purchase to disposal, while maintaining complete compliance.When it comes to software selection, vertical matters.

Enterprise Reagent Manager (ERM) is the industry’s leading chemical inventory control solution and is used by 8 of the top 10 global Pharmaceutical companies—with 100 percent customer renewals.

ERM allows organizations to:

  • Find, source, and track materials throughout their lifecycle in an intuitive, tile-based UI; a triple-federated search—the first and only of its kind—allows users to search by supplier, chemical structure, or description, across internal inventory, libraries, web services, commercial databases, supplier catalogs, and negotiated preferred pricing;
  • Reduce operational and reporting time, as requests are routed directly to fulfillment or purchasing and data is integrated automatically, reducing the chance of errors; and
  • Optimize chemical inventory use and manage the risk of using hazardous materials, promoting regulatory compliance with built-in checks on certifications, purchase limits, and proper handling of chemicals.

eProcurement integrates with ERM to create a powerful tool to manage chemicals from sourcing all the way to disposal and drive organizational spend toward preferred, strategically contracted suppliers.

Features of eProcurement include:

  • An intuitive shopping environment with thousands of active supplier integrations available in a dynamic and responsive interface;
  • Compliance built into the process of acquiring materials, with automated audit trails;
  • The ability to influence buying decisions and improve spend management across the whole company; contract compliance enables buying against contracts to save time and money.

Tejari integrates seamlessly with more than 40 ERP systems, including Oracle, SAP, IBM Maximo, McKesson, Infor, Banner, Workday, Colleague, and PeopleSoft.

Contact us to learn why our customers benefit from the combination of Tejari with their traditional ERP systems.

The Solution Suite

Life Science organizations utilizing Tejari’s ERM and eProcurement bundled solutions have saved time on sourcing, acquisition, and compliance activities for their needed chemicals. The net results from these inventory control management tools include:

Net Results:

  • 100%+ return on investment within the first year
  • 90%+ of spend under management
  • 50% or more increase in contract compliance
  • Over 1 million items with company-negotiated pricing made available in searchable supplier catalogs
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