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The healthcare industry has always faced uncertainty, which makes managing variables a game of juggling with jello. Shifting regulatory winds keep healthcare in a constant state of change, and adapting to those changes – while providing excellent patient care – is a never-ending challenge. But there are larger forces at work: an evolution towards a value-based, patient-centered healthcare system has been slowly reshaping the industry for more than a decade. New suppliers have entered the field with offerings that encourage rogue spend, and the call for cost savings can pose a threat to operational efficiency. These phenomena are leading healthcare providers to enter new arenas, leverage new technologies, develop new partnerships, and seek more efficient business operational practices. Increased, focused business intelligence is only solution to managing all these variables while remaining profitable.

Tejari offers a powerful set of tools to meet the procurement needs of healthcare providers of all types and sizes. Our multi-faceted Healthcare Suite helps providers smooth out the challenges related to controlling costs, managing suppliers, and using new technologies and products to provide better patient experiences.

Tejari’s proven, state-of-the-art solutions have been developed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, and are trusted by the industry’s largest, most respected provider systems.

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Improvement in Procurement Cycle Times
Gain in Efficient Processes
Reduction in Contracted Suppliers

Case Study

One of the nation’s leading healthcare networks selected Tejari’s specialized Healthcare Suite: eProcurement, Contract Lifecycle Management, and Spend Analytics, to simplify its procurement system. As a result, this organization is better able to manage its $1 billion annual spend, manage suppliers more effectively, and ensure more purchases are made under approved contracts.

The success of the solution hinged on being easy to use. The organization’s ERP’s requisition system was cumbersome and difficult. To encourage people to use the system, increasing purchase compliance, the new system required to a user-friendly, “Amazon-like” B2B experience.

The organization chose Tejari’s eProcurement because of its intuitive user interface. The user-friendly system makes it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. More importantly, eProcurement gives the healthcare provider greater visibility into their spending, and ensures that more purchases are contract compliant and made through the proper channels. Prior to implementing eProcurement, less than half of the network’s requisitions went through approved channels. With the right contract management solution in place, the healthcare provider has also simplified service transactions, going from contract straight to invoice.

What Sets Us Apart

Tejari’s Healthcare Suite allows healthcare organizations to digitally transform their top line processes, enabling them to focus on patient care. Tejari’s vertical solution suite is designed for healthcare organizations to manage their spending, establish long-term supply chain stability, increase compliance, cut costs, simplify processes, and optimize supplier management.

To be successful in the 21st century, healthcare organizations must find new ways to save costs without reducing the quality of care. Smart healthcare organizations are adopting and utilizing procurement tools to provide visibility into the data behind their supply chains, transform their sourcing and management processes, and eliminate waste and errors. When it comes to software selection, vertical matters.

Spend Analytics allows healthcare organizations to visualize their end-to-end spend, enabling data-driven insights to make strategic, cost-saving decisions.

Using Spend Analytics, organizations can:

  • Gain visibility into spend; see where it’s going and where it can be cut or allocated for use in an intuitive report;
  • Improve budget forecasting through granular pricing and trends analysis; and
  • Collect spend data from any source and in any format and integrate them for unmatched analytic depth.

Tejari’s eProcurement software solution provides users with an integrated marketplace for all goods and services that guides procurement teams’ spend toward preferred, strategically contracted suppliers.

Our top rated eProcurement solution delivers:

  • A one-stop shop for all goods and services, with powerful catalog and contract management tools and unique search technology to assure that purchase requests are sent to the right suppliers based on policies and discounts;
  • The ability for healthcare organizations to influence buying decisions among employees, improving spend management alongside an enhanced purchasing experience complete with real-time visibility into product availability; and
  • Supplier enablement and contract compliance tools, plus regulatory compliance built into the process of acquisition—making sure organizations stay within industry regulations with automated audit trails.

Tejari’s Contract Lifecycle Management automates and streamlines the contract management lifecycle, providing healthcare organizations with a searchable archive of executed contracts and a solution for full authoring and automated workflows.

With our solution, healthcare organizations are able to:

  • Streamline contract management through better collaboration from authoring to approval;
  • Access a single point of real-time information about all contract terms and conditions to significantly reduce risk; and
  • Minimize authoring times with automation features, a dynamic contract generator, and a library of standard templates for full contracts, clauses, and individual obligations.

Tejari integrates seamlessly with more than 40 ERP systems, including Oracle, SAP, IBM Maximo, McKesson, Infor, Banner, Workday, Colleague, and PeopleSoft.

Contact us to learn why our customers benefit from the combination of Tejari with their traditional ERP systems.

The Solution Suite

Tejari’s Healthcare Suite enabled the provider to realize significant cost savings, greatly improve efficiency, with all spend against contract, and optimize sourced suppliers. Decision-making could be done in much faster, leading to improvement in cycle times with greater productivity. The results they see have directly impacted their bottom line.

The Spend Radar solution provided insights into spend patterns and cost reduction opportunities across the entire organization. Spend Director worked with the provider’s complex procurement needs, helping to ensure users selected and ordered the right products through approved, contracted suppliers. Total Contract Manager expedited the contracting process and provided a standardized and centralized contract authoring and compliance solution.

Net Results:

  • $65M reduction in total cost savings
  • 95% suppliers vetted, on-boarded, and monitored for performance
  • 19% reduction in unreliable suppliers
  • 100% compliant contracts in place
  • 23% improvement in procurement cycle times
  • Over 200% gain in efficient processes
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