Develop and measure supplier performance ratings

Developing and measuring supplier performance ratings using both qualitative and quantitative criteria can be challenging. Compiling comprehensive feedback from key stakeholders to determine supplier performance ratings can be equally challenging. As a result, these challenges may cause you to take corrective actions with your suppliers too late or not at all.

Introducing the Intelligent Supplier Scorecard

JAGGAER Direct Supplier Scorecard is an extremely powerful tools for supplier audits and vendor performance. It pulls quantitative criteria from other JAGGAER Direct modules or ERPs and other systems as well as qualitative criteria from your colleagues to assess vendor performance.

Ideal for Direct Materials Procurement: Decide which performance metrics are important for supplier ratings and develop category rating models with their own weighting schemes.

Improve supplier performance: Develop bonus-penalty schemes for your suppliers based on assessments. Also, connect to Supplier Development and eRFx to incentivize performance improvements and monitor supplier compliance.

Easy to run: Assess your suppliers several times a year with automation and workflows.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Multi-ERP Integration to automatically collect important facts
  • Use workflow notifications to remind colleagues—even those without user accounts—to submit reports
  • Send vendor scorecards to suppliers and leverage them as action plans for improvements
  • View results by plant, category, or other factors

Integrate For Even Better Results


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