Quality Management

Synthesize quality management procurement processes

Disjointed quality management processes, such as lengthy email chains and endless paper trails, have a severe impact on cost savings. They increase the margin of error, create time management inefficiencies, and risk devaluing the quality of your product.

An Innovative Quality Management Solution

Tejari’s suite of Direct Quality Management solutions streamline your quality management procurement processes. Our solutions interface with your ERP to allow you to work within one system. Developed using top-level industry standards, our solutions also include APQP and are ideal for companies that rely on Direct Sourcing and have the strictest quality standards.

Our Direct Quality Management solutions endow companies with the ability to directly communication with suppliers through all phases of the quality management procurement process. Our solutions also include the following quality management procurement functions: Initial Sample Inspection Report, Complaint Management and Deviation Request/Waiver, Goods Issue Documents, Attestation Management, and Audit Management.


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