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Unlocking Procurement: Drive Profitability, Increase Revenue and Improve Margins

The best procurement teams in the world drive organizational growth and profitability plus create an unrivaled financial advantage over competitors. On average, top procurement teams deliver an extra 30 cents on every dollar – which amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in potential profits for large, global organizations. They are focused on maximizing profitability, improving margins, increasing cash flow and reducing cost-of-capital. Every procurement and sourcing action taken is directly aligned with the organization’s strategic business and financial goals.

Does your procurement organization fit this profile? 

Moving from conventional procurement methodologies to an unlocked procurement approach is not easy, but it is critical for driving results in today’s volatile, uncertain and extremely-competitive marketplace. As expectations around procurement’s value contributions continue to rise, traditional procurement practices have fallen by the wayside, and are no longer effective for delivering the value demanded by the C-suite, board, shareholders and taxpayers.

Unlocking the power of procurement, and producing a new level of business value, requires a blend of experienced staff, powerful technology and proven methodologies. 

With Tejari, you can be confident that your procurement strategy will align with what matters most to your organization, including revenue, innovation and risk. Our strategic procurement software platform, backed by the most extensive team of professionals and experts across the globe, makes delivering the right kind of business value easy.

When you partner with Tejari, you will:

  • Leverage spend data to proactively identify new sourcing, savings and revenue opportunities, better manage compliance, and more accurately report on savings
  • Report on value creation activities, actively manage spend performance and identify gaps in target, forecasted and realized savings
  • Boost supplier and product innovation, leading to a stronger brand reputation and new revenue opportunities
  • Proactively manage risk, improve compliance, and increase visibility into the entire supply base and reduce the potential financial impact of a supply disruption
  • Directly link contract performance and supplier value management, making reporting better and approvals easier
  • Strategically source complex categories and uncover new sourcing wins that have a tangible impact on the top- and bottom-line

Tejari will help you create and implement a solid procurement process, and provide the technology and processes you need to drive the growth and profitability of your organization.

Tejari’s solution suite is designed to integrate the suppliers’ lifetime value throughout the entire strategic procurement process, harvesting unprecedented visibility, insight and transparency. This approach, unlike any other on the market, fuels impactful procurement initiatives and delivers results that capture the attention of the C-suite and have a direct and positive influence on the balance sheet.

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