Top 10 Reasons Why Savings Management Will Move the Savings Needle For You


Savings Management is a new savings management solution that automates the management of savings initiatives organization-wide. It allows oversight across all current and future projects so you can clearly see where to focus your efforts to achieve savings.

While there are countless benefits to a robust initiative tracking solution, here are the top 10 benefits of using JAGGAER’s savings management tool, Savings Management.

  1. Prioritization – Focus on the best, most significant savings initiatives
  2. Visibility – Fewer siloed and redundant projects, targets and goals
  3. Accessibility – All approved stakeholders, from buyers to the CEO
  4. Availability – Cloud-based, so anytime from anywhere
  5. Accuracy – Reduces spreadsheet and manual ROI calculations errors
  6. Project Management – Tracks and expedites required reviews and approvals
  7. Monitoring – Set savings goal and monitor progress against target at any time
  8. Information Sharing – Approved access across departments, organizations, time zones, etc.
  9. Configuration – Control content, access and approvals
  10. Centralization – One place to compile initiatives and ideas

To meet your savings goals, get rid of the spreadsheets and migrate to a cloud-based solution such as PSM. Track the progress of your initiatives, capture and store the latest information. Spend less time and resources hunting down and compiling information each time you re-visit savings opportunities. Eliminate the risk and cost of missed opportunities, and spend your time on more strategic initiatives.

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