The Ultimate Enterprise Buyer/Supplier Relationship with B&H Photo

The buyer/supplier relationship is in a state of flux, as suppliers are emerging from the shadow of being commoditized on the variables of price and delivery alone. In Building the Ultimate Customer-Centric Enterprise Buyer/Supplier Relationship, Tiffani Barton and Uzi Adi of B&H Photo Video address the changing relationship between buyers, suppliers and customers, enabled by technology platforms that are bringing machine learning and automated buying to the purchasing experience.

B&H Photo/Video is one of the world’s largest suppliers of creative equipment, with over 750,000 items in stock; they are also a member of JAGGAER’s Platinum Supplier Program, providing goods to hundreds of JAGGAER customers.

In this installment of the InsideSpend Webinar Series, viewers will learn:

  • Examples of building a relationship with a buyer, and an exploration of the benefits
  • Examples of supplier success
  • Understanding and effectively curtailing rogue spend
  • What to expect from a tailored buying experience

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