Tejari Rewards Club

Join the Tejari Rewards Club today to start saving

At Tejari, mutual success is a core value of our customer relationships. To exemplify this characteristic, we are introducing the Tejari Rewards Club. As a Rewards Club member, customers can benefit from exclusive discounts, advantages, and promotions through engagement activities –on their terms. As a Tejari Rewards member, customers can benefit from exclusive discounts, advantages and promotions through participation in engagement activities.

How Do I Start Earning Points?

You can add to your Rewards Club point value by working with Tejari and completing a variety of marketing-related activities, such as a case study, press release, analyst reference, or a live speaking engagement. Points depend on the criteria level, laid out in the Rewards Brochure.

What Can I Redeem My Points For?

Tejari is excited to roll-out our new Tejari Rewards Redemption program for 2018. Read information below on what each offering includes:

RFP Template Review

Review of your RFP template where Tejari provides best practice guidance on question structuring, scoring, and price model.

BPC Category Strategy Review

Review of your Best Practice Center (BPC) category. Tejari provides guidance on Sourcing strategy.

eProcurement Workflow Review

Review of your eProcurement Workflows and provide written recommendations.

Supplier Enablement Review

Review current supplier enablement portfolio (total spend, non-catalog vs. catalog spend, additional integration options). Review currently supplier enablement licenses model. Discuss your needs to future supplier enablements.

JAGGAER Advantage Sourcing Module Review

Review your Sourcing process, templates, auction, user usage patterns for collaboration/evaluation and integration. Provide summary of current usage patterns and areas of improvement and expansion.

JAGGAER Advantage Supplier Management Module Review

Review existing usage of registration, qualification, risk, score carding. Review system workflow and templates, usage patterns, and integration. Provide summary of current usage patterns and areas of improvement and expansion.

System Admin Product Certifications

Limit to two (2) system admin product certifications for Sourcing Director, Total Supplier Manager, Total Contract Manager, Accounts Payable Director, eProcurement, or Advanced Sourcing Optimizer.

Learning Management System (LMS) Users

Limit to two (2) additional Learning Management System (LMS) user access.

REV2018 Conference Registration

Attend Tejari’s Annual REV2018 Conference in Las Vegas! Earn and use up to two (2) registrations/year.

To view the point redemption criteria, please access the downloadable PDF, or reach out to your account manager for more details.  

Contact your Account Manager or email tejari-marketing@tejari.com to learn how you can join the Tejari Rewards Club and start earning points today.