Should Costing and Value Management with FACTON GmbH On-Demand Webinar

Relying on supplier competition to negotiate the best price could be your go-to strategy when you’re buying similar products from similar companies, but what about when there are large variances between location, quality and delivery? Strategic sourcing isn’t always the most direct way to uncover the best total value.

The InsideSpend Thought Leadership Series continues with Should Costing & Value Management in Direct Procurement. Join Alexander Swoboda, CEO of FACTON GmbH, who shows you how JAGGAER’s Should Costing calculator helps you to better understand suppliers’ cost structures in order to achieve the real best price in purchasing negotiations.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  1. The three critical questions you should ask in every direct sourcing scenario
  2. How to identify cost reduction potential with Should Costing, price analysis, benchmark data and comparison of variants
  3. Understand how FACTON EPC uses product costing through its entire product life cycle